I am Ann Katrin. I do your webdesign, frontend webdevelopment and your digital marketing.
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I am Ann-Katrin and I originally come from southern Germany but you will find me here and there.

Since 2016 I have been working freelance in the areas of Social Media & Digital Marketing. I have been building websites with WordPress and Co. since 2019 and thus create the perfect framework for the best possible online presence of your company. With my wide range of skills, I offer you the all-round package from social media to photography and your own website.

2015 -
Bachelor of Arts - Information Management & Corporate Communications
Freelance Social Media & Digital Marketing
Freelance Webdesign & Webdevelopment
Social Media/Digital Marketing
Adobe Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator/Premiere Pro
Cubert Hyperspectral

The company Cubert manufactures hyperspectral video cameras with snapshot technology for real-time solutions.
In September 2021 I was responsible for the content management of the new website.

Content Management


SaiLicht GbR consists of a practice for naturopathy and yoga. Thus, the two founders offer a holistic concept.
On the new website, which was created from January 2021 to August 2021, interested parties can not only explore the practice and naturopathy, but also book appointments directly (online) and register for yoga courses.
A holistic concept was created, which nevertheless clearly shows the two individuals in their way of working.

Webdesign | Webdevelopment | Print Design |

Inno Spec

Inno Spec manufactures Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) systems (cameras) for industrial applications.
In September 2021 I was allowed to accompany you on your new online presence and relaunch your website.

WordPress and Elementor

Webdesign | Webdevelopment

Hotel Gasthof zur Post

The family business “Hotel Gasthof zur Post” has received an all-round coating. From web design and development to complete digital marketing, such as social media management, SEO, job advertisements, blog posts, as well as an image film about the hotel and various print media such as flyers, business cards, brochures, menus, posters, postcards, …

Based on WordPress. Elementor and WooCommerce.

Webdesign | Webdevelopment | Print Design | Photography | Videography | Social Media Management

Social Media Content Instagram & Facebook
Instagram Content Creation

The startup myVStats offers an app for eSports enthusiasts to create and share game statistics.

The website was developed in May 2021.

Based on WordPress.

Webdesign | Webdevelopment

Impetus Tanz

Impetus Tanz gGmH initiates dance projects. They got their first website in April 2021. Based on WordPress & Elementor.

Webdesign | Webdevelopment


Broadcast.org is a non-for-profit organization setting up a media archive system to support social entrepreneurship worldwide.
The website was created in October 2021.

WordPress and Elementor

Webdesign | Webdevelopment


In July 2021 I was in charge to design the blog “Untoco”, which mainly contains topics such as NFT and Sorare.

Based on WordPress & Elementor.

Webdesign | Webdevelopment


The iHLENFELD training organization received its first website in spring 2020.

Based on WordPress.


A.P.R. Service UG

The cleaning company form Hamburg got it’s first website in June 2020.

Based on WordPress & Elementor.

Webdesign | Webdevelopment


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